EU-Ukraine relations

Closer to the end of this week Ukraine was enjoying a couple of main political events. First of all, the new Parliament started its work on 12th of December from scandals, fights and blocking of tribune. The opposition lost a couple of deputies which join the coalition of Ruling Party of Regions and the Communist. It is become obvious that no promises and agreements can save deputies from running from one party fraction in Parliament to another (these deputies in Ukraine are called “tushka” – that means a “body”). The only one who can stop such process is the special law. So the necessity of such law is incredibly high.

The other thing – Ukrainian MPs are changing very slowly. In spite of accepting new regulations of deputy’s work that prohibit voting with the cards of other MPs, newly elected People’s representatives widely practice old rules of voting for their colleagues. For that feature they are called the “pianists” because their voting procedure looks like playing piano.

As we discussed last time the Party of Regions did not manage to form the coalition by itself and had to address to the Communist party. The first price for that was appointing one of the Communist party members for the post of Parliament’s first vice-speaker. The next step will be some posts in the new government, probably connected to the social sphere. The coalition of ruling Party of Regions with Communists means that this union will be rather stable. Most of president’s and government’s initiatives will passed through parliament except those (constitutional and international issues) that need 2/3 of deputies voices. Rather predictable was the supportive voting for the Party of Region’s candidate (V.Rybak) on the post of the Parliament’s head. The same story appeared with voting for M.Azarov as the new premier-minister (he was the old one, too). No doubt president will support it.

The most interesting phrase of the last days was the remark from Ukrainian President V.Yanukovych. After the strong resolution of European Parliament on Ukraine with direct address to Ukrainian authorities to stop selective justice and violating of democratic practices President Yanukovych announced in his speech to the Parliament about the “ intentions to slowly join the rules of Customs Union”. The key motive – is the need of harmonization with countries that are the biggest markets for Ukrainian products. For the internal policy the President is stressing upon the social justice. So again Ukraine has a strong desire to sit at one time on two chairs. If it will be possible – it can be a new European knowhow.

Keep informing you about Ukraine’s political life.

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