EU-Ukraine relations


Welcome to my blog! I am Roman Rukomeda, an expert in international and Ukrainian politics, energy and national security issues. Received PhD degree in 2007 in the field of political science (Topic: Neoeurasianism in modern Russian policy). I have wide experience of work in the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and its analytical institute as well as the experience of work in Ukrainian National Joint Stock Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”. I have some experience in journalism – more than 70 publications in different Ukrainian mass media.

Through my blog I want to provide the European audience with objective, fast and fresh information and analysis about Ukrainian policy, politicians and the place of my country in the current world’s geopolitical games. I will operate with pure facts and logical chains and leave the conclusions to the audience.

Hope with my help you will know more about Ukraine, its neighbors and how we will live as one European family in future.

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